Friday, March 4, 2011

NeoLoad 3.2 With Cloud Support

 New features
  • Cloud testing
  • Silverlight module
  • Siebel module
  • VMware monitoring
  • SOAP: support for WS-Security
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NeoLoad realistically simulates users and analyzes your servers' behavior. Get operational with NeoLoad 3.2 quickly, thanks to its intuitive interface and its advanced wizards, and take advantage of its exclusive features to:
Test more quickly:
  • Automatic handling of all your application's parameters (without any scripts)
  • Preconfigured monitoring and threshold alerts for a quick analysis of your servers
  • Smart pinpointing of your applications' critical performance issues
Test more efficiently:
  • Detailed statistics in real time during test runs
  • Results and analysis by business transaction
  • JavaScript for further customizing scenarios
Test all your Web applications:
  • View the supported technologies (AJAX, SOAP, GWT, Adobe Flex, Silverlight, Oracle Forms, Siebel, ... )
  • View the monitoring modules (all mainstream operating systems, Web servers, application servers and database servers available on the market are supported)
  • Test from your internal lab or from the Cloud


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