Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NeoLoad - Load testing tool

NeoLoad - Load testing tool

Link to NeoLoad website

One of the best load testing tool that I have seen in commercial and open source tool market for WEB 2.0.
It support AJAX, Flex and cheaper when compared with top commercial tools.

You can download the trial version and play with it.

Salient features of this tool.

1. Scriptless – All GUI driven which means 1) less mistakes 2) easier to read/understand 3) less of learning curve. Javascript can be used for additional functionality.
2. Monitors are agentless and easy to hook up.
3. Lightweight virtual users – you can generate more load with less hardware.
4. Handling of dynamic parameters (including Flex framework parameters) is both automated and GUI assisted.
5. Automatically handles all cookies that are set in the http header – no correlation step needed.
6. Written in java (both the Console and LG’s) so the product is scalable by nature (by adjusting heap sizes).
7. Organization intuitive – each project is a web application and you can store All scripts in one project.
8. Powerful Comparison report feature which quickly allows a tester to see the differences between runs after a tuning process.
9. Populations of users which have a restricted Bandwidth (ex. Connected to internet via modem).
10. Graphing section allows you to easily identify saturation points within your environment.
11. Can generate the load from the Cloud (through a partnership).
12. Provides excellent and reactive Support.
13. Software size around 100MB (some of the commercial tools size around 2GB)
14. Support IE, Firefox and Netscape.
15. Can maintain multiple connection with the server (IE maintain 2 connections).

I really liked the tool Fork action, handling dynamic parameters, light weigh virtual users, comparison report and ability to create new graphs.


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