Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tracert - Visually trace the packet flow

Tracert - Visually trace the packet flow.

"Tracert" is a command line program to find number of hops between source and destination. Visual Trace display the hops in the google map, so that people understand the packet route easily.

To start the trace from your computer, type the desired domain and select "Proxy Trace".


Understanding cloud response time

Understanding cloud response time

There are many cloud hosting providers, in order to understand the effect of latency on distance select this link.
It provide global statistics from specific geographical locations, so that you can select the right cloud service provider based on your targeted geographical locations.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gartner report on Application Performance Monitoring(APM)

Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring(APM)

Gartner report on APM providers list.

APM technologies is subdivided into five dimensions of functionality:
(1)End-user experience monitoring
(2)Application runtime architecture discovery, modeling and display
(3)User-defined transaction profiling
(4)Component deep-dive monitoring in application context
(5)Application performance analytics

Magic Quadrant

For more details select this link