Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Selenium - Functional, Performance testing tool.

Selenium - Functional, Performance testing tool.

Selenium is powerful open source tool for testing (Functional) web applications; it is similar to HP QTP (Quick Test Professional).

It provide full control on the web pages, by allowing access to view source, DOM elements and complete navigation(clicks, selecting links etc) through different API’s.

Selenium IDE is a firefox add-on that can record the user actions in the form of script, which can reply again in the browser. It can also convert the recorded script in different programming languages.

We can integrate Selenium Remote Control(RC)  with different programming languages (.Net, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java) and execute the selenium scripts.

Some companies link BrowserMob, PushToTest use Selenium GRID to conduct performance testing. It consume more resources and not a good idea for conducting performance testing.

Link to All Selenium Projects

It is always worth learning these open source tools, not required to pay license fee.


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