Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Webdriver - Not functioning or Missing clicks

Webdriver - Not functioning or Missing clicks.

I ran Webdriver code on different systems. There are instances where the code work fine in all the systems except 1 or 2 systems.
Following are the some of the solutions in this kind of scenario.

1. Files not copied properly or ant build file not created properly.

2. Browser zoom should be 100%. If it is more or less, clicks will fail.

3. When browser loose focus, sometimes clicks are not processed.

4. Browser to be operated in maximized mode. There are situation where Auto suggests values are not selected when working on not maximized mode.
JS code to maximize the browser

String script = "if (window.screen){window.moveTo(0,0);window.resizeTo(window.screen.availWidth,window.screen.availHeight);};"; 
((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript(script);  

5. LAN settings to be Automatically detect settings

There are some of the trouble shooting areas.

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