Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Selenium 2.28 ready for download

Selenium 2.28
Download from this link.


* "null" can now be passed to executeScript
* .Net: Corrected FileUtilities.FindFile() to correctly return the
current directory if the specified file is located there.
* .Net: Introduces the Updating the CustomFinderType property to the
.NET FindsByAttribute. This allows use of custom By subclasses in
the PageFactory. The custom finder must be a subclass of By, and
it must expose a public constructor that takes a string argument.
* SafariDriver: better attempts to catch native dialogs from user
defined onbeforeunload handlers.
* Updating HtmlUnit to 2.11
* Added the PhantomJS bindings to the release. You'll still need to
download PhantomJS itself separately.

* Implemented getAllWindowNames in WebDriverBackedSelenium
* Implemented openWindow in WebDriverBackedSelenium to allow opening
relative URLs


* Added support for native events for Firefox 17.
* Added support for ghostdriver (PhantomJS)
* Adding new capability "enableElementCacheCleanup" to the IE
driver. When set to true, the IE driver will clean the
known-element cache of invalid elements after every page
load. This is intended to keep memory usage down and improve
performance. However, it is an intrusive change, so this
capability is provided temporarily to allow disabling this
behavior if problems arise. The default of this new capability is
"true", meaning this behavior is turned on by default.
* Added shift key handling to the synthetic keyboard actions.
* Modifying scroll behavior in IE driver SendKeysCommandHandler to
call Element::GetLocationOnceScrolledIntoView() instead of calling
the DOM scrollIntoView() function. Should result in less page
scrolling during test runs.
* Checking if CSS transforms on elements, or their parents, are
hiding them and therefore returning they arent visible.
* Add not, refreshed, invisibilityOfElementWithText to
* Added support for new IE10 pointer events.
* FIXED: 1543: Allowing equal sign in a cookie value.
* FIXED: 2103, 3508: Modified to no longer hang on alerts triggered
by onchange of <select> elements or by onsubmit of <form>
* FIXED: 2035: Returning a simple result (null) after opening a new
window instead of the window object (that can't be serialized to
* FIXED: 2353: Only call blur() for IE if the element is not the
<body> element.
* FIXED: 3043: Better error message reporting when browser launch
* FIXED: 4490: Checking script evaluation result to prevent null
reference exception.
* FIXED: 4736: Added all of the extended colour keywords to the
Colors enum in support of
* FIXED: 4800: Fixed calculation of coordinates for elements in
frames/iframes where the element is scrolled out of view within
the frame.

* FIXED: 3818: Generating session identifiers with UUID to prevent duplication.

* FIXED: 4668: Fixing ability to open relative URLs in WDBS.
* FIXED: 4273: Added getCssCount to the list of the methods
supported by WebDriverBackedSelenium.
* FIXED: 4055: WDBS implementation of getValue for radio buttons now
reflects behaviour of RC.
* FIXED: 4784: Processing locators before use in getCssCount and