Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PUBLIC vs PRIVATE IP and Server Details

PUBLIC vs PRIVATE IP and Server Details

To know your PUBLIC IP select the below link. Every organization has one or few public IPs, these IPs are used to connect to the internet. When you perform airline reservation or credit card transaction..., this is the IP that is recorded in their servers to trace fraudulent transactions. 
PUBLIC IP Details.

To know your PRIVATE IP type "ipconfig" in the command prompt. This IP is used to connect between the computers in the private network, it can't be used to communicate over the internet.

If your broadband IP address starts with 192.168 or 10. and you are connected directly to the broadband modem - your service provider has you behind a firewall. This is also known as having a private IP address instead of a public IP address. Most of the home broadband connections have private IP.
What The ISP is Doing ?
The ISP has probably set up a NAT router for it’s customers. This router will act as a firewall between you and the Internet. In the service provider's eyes, this keeps hackers from reaching your computer directly - a security measure. 

Generally, private networks use addresses from the following experimental address ranges (non-routable addresses): – – –

To know a server location(place) visit this site.
IP or Server Details
Attaching the screen shot for "" server location details.


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