Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Webdriver - Keyword driven framework using page objects

Webdriver - Keyword driven framework using page objects.

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SeleniumWebdriver - Page objects Implementation - Part 1

SeleniumWebdriver - Page objects Implementation - Part 2



  1. i can not see any stuff. this is exactly wot i am looking for . plz help

  2. hi Bharath...Thanks for your excellent post ... i learned lot of things from your post even though am working on Webdriver from 1yr onwords...once again thanks...

  3. And I need one clarification that am not able to Create environment variables through VbScript(initilize.vbs)in my home system where as your keyword driven frame work using page objects has ran successfully in my office system...and observed that all environment variables has been created while running tat frame work..... My User login has in home system has got all admin privileges ...but while running this frame work it shows Permission denied error ... Can you please clarify me if i need to change anything in my home system...

    1. It is the issue with the Adim privileges on your home system, Go to environment variables under system properties and check whether you are able to create the variables manually. Code store some of the data in these variables, so that data is not lost when logic moves from java to VB script and back.