Monday, August 12, 2013

Selebium v2.34.0 is ready for download

Download from this link.

Updated with the following items.

* Updated Firefox native event components to support Firefox 22.
* Update synthesized mouse implementation. Mouse moves are
implemented using nsIDOMWindowUtils.
* Finding in a slightly more intelligent way: Check that
dlopen actually succeeds, if not found in one of the fixed paths,
look in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
* Added ExpectedConditions to check for the visibility of all
WebElements in a List
* Updated the wgxpath library.
* Updated our copy of the Closure compiler and library to the most
recent versions.
* Updated the atoms library, including support for MS pointer events
and refinements to element visibility tests.
* Close all open connections when stopping the SafariDriver server.
* Fall back to a loopback address if the current machine does not
have an external IP address (as will be the case when there is no
internet connection).
* Remove sizzle dependency from the firefox driver. We only needed
this for versions of firefox prior to 3.5, which we no longer
* Fixed Select.escapeQuotes method.
* Added SafariOptions and support for custom Safari extensions.
* Moved Mouse, Keyboard and TouchScreen to the interactions package
where they belong. This has the benefit of also making our build
files simpler once we delete the original versions which have been
* Deprecated the HasTouchScreen interface.
* Fixed condition in Select.select_by_index method to fix case when
selection is performed by index on a multiple select element.
* Implemented an alpha version of a Marionette (WebDriver implemented
natively in Firefox) driver.
* Deprecated IPhoneDriver.
* Added support for the HTML5 "hidden" attribute. If an element, or
ancestor, has hidden attribute make, it is not shown.
* FIXED: 2285: Allow setting default logLevel for standalone-server.
* FIXED: 5609: Adding the ability to redirect firefox process output
to file.
* FIXED: 5669: Add Driver#remote_status for the Ruby remote driver.
* FIXED: 5715: Adding toString method for the event firing

WebDriver JS:
* When capturing console output, guard against user scripts that
redefine the console global.
* Improved logging in the test client.
* Use goog.labs.testing.assertThat for the assertThat library.
* Improved stack trace handling
* Defined a webdriver.Capabilities class for webdriverjs.
* Added native ChromeDriver support to WebDriverJs.
* Mark discarded tasks as cancelled to prevent hanging on
asynchronously scheduled callbacks.
* Include the webdriverjs tests in the built npm package. Updated
the README with instructions for running the tests using npm.
* Add native PhantomJS support to webdriverjs.

* Update grid for change in behavior of WebDriver's new session
* Fixed handling of JSON conversion errors at node.
* FIXED: 5942: Fix hang of hub when node machine is not available.

* Fixed RC tests failing in Firefox beta builds. This has been fixed
in two ways:

* Rely on the automation atoms where possible.
* Obtain the document and window from the element the event is
firing from.

In the course of fixing this, all but one usage of "triggerEvent"
was replaced. Because of this, the method has been inlined to the last
call site.
* FIXED: 1646: UTF-8 encoded user-extensions.js support.


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